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  • Address: 4800 Belmont Park Terrace, Nashville, TN 37215


8:30 am Holy Eucharist 

Nursery and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd offered during the service through 3rd grade. Children will join their parents in the sanctuary for Communion. 

10:30 am Holy Eucharist

Nursery and Formation Classes offered through 12th grade. Lifebuilders and Centering Prayer offered for adults. Children and teens will join their parents in the sanctuary for Communion. 

12:30pm Sudanese Service

Please note: on January 28 we will hold one worship service at 9:30am with the annual meeting following at 11 am. 

St. B's Blog

St. B's Blog

Finding God in Unexpected Places

Annual Women’s Retreat April 20 -21 at St. Mary’sRegister through March 21 Download a brochure here. Register online here. This year we are excited to welcome professor of Old Testament, academic dean, friend of Fr. Travis, Ezekiel scholar, and horse enthusiast Dr. Erika Moore...

Summer at St. B's

Summer at St. B's During the summer months, we take a deep breath as a church family and alter slightly our rhythm of life on Sundays. We retract the number of regular offerings for children in particular and invite them to participate in the liturgy with their families. In June and July...

The Annual Report for 2016

Read the Annual Report for 2016, here.  This past year has been one of great change and with change also comes opportunity and, as always in our life in Christ, there is great hope. One thing that has not changed is the canons of the church which instruct each parish in the diocese to...

One Service This Sunday

Annual Family Gathering, Sun., Jan. 31 Worship Together: 9:30 a.m.Meet Together: 11 a.m.Our annual church family gathering is Sunday, January 31. Worship together in ONE service at 9:30 a.m. and meet together at 11 a.m. in the gym. Fr. Jerry will give his annual "report" as the sermon in...

Live Here

Every Sunday during the prayers of the people, we give thanks for St. Bartholomew’s Church. In this sacred space, we gather from across the city to worship God and to fellowship with one another. For most, if not all of us, St. B’s has become our spiritual home and we gratefully...